About Us

Certified & Licensed Genetic Counselors

Genexsure helps reduce your inherited disease risks with personalized Genetics Care.

We are a TN based healthcare company with over 20 years of experience in in Genetic Testing and Counseling. We bring our licensed, certified genetics expertise directly to patients over the convenience of a zoom video or phone call. Our services are fast, affordable and accurate. 


We serve patients directly and also through our partner hospitals and clinics. Today, we serve cancer, cardiology, and other patients at prestigious hospitals across Tennessee and Georgia, and are expanding to many more hospitals systems across USA.


We accept direct patient referrals from physicians and clinics or can work with you to tailor our services for your clinic. We pride ourselves on the deep patient-centric values instilled by our founder as well as our flexible patient workflows that help make genetic services accessible at very low costs to hospitals systems and health care providers




Personalized Genetics Testing & Counseling

Genexsure helps to ensure patients have the most accurate and complete information about their genetic health.

Provider Services
  • Genexsure helps healthcare providers set up new genetics clinics or augment their existing clinics for their patients.
  • Genexsure helps establish end to end genetic testing, counseling and care coordination within your existing patient flows.
  • Our provider partners find our services very fast, cost-effective and convenient for patients.
  • Genexsure can provide services using Genexsure staff or by training and partnering with your existing staff and nurse practitioners.
  • Hospital providers can provide personalized genetics services at very low costs as can customize our workflow and staffing to ensure optimal reimbursement from providers.
Patients Services
  • Genexsure helps patients gain access to quality, affordable, convenient genetics care.
  • Genexsure helps identify your genetic risk and any genetic-mutations that may be the cause for diseases that seem to run in your family.
  • We help our patients get the right tests, right analysis of results and detailed recommendations on next steps for patient care.
  • Our patient-friendly reports provide detailed care & screening recommendations for use with hospitals, insurance providers and Medicaid to get advanced screening and treatment when applicable.
  • We get our patients the right genetic tests from over 700,000 tests.

Our Team

We are a team of licensed genetic counselors and genetics nurse practitioners who facilitate telemedicine & telephone genetic counseling appointments to ensure appropriate genetic testing, with fast-turnaround times and high patient satisfaction.

Smita Rao

Founder and CEO

Genetics Counselor

Kate Small

Director of Clinical Operations

Genetics Counselor

Brittany Henson

Genetics Counselor

Elisabeth Meyers

Genetics Counselor

Grace Kavanaugh

Genetics Counselor

Chenery Lowe

Genetics Counselor

Arpita Neogi

Genetics Counselor & Program Developer

Angel Nguyen

Genetics Counselor