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Family History Evaluation & Genetic Risk Assessment

We offer family history analysis to understand your risk for inherited diseases. Our report will detail your risk based on your family genes and provide recommendations.

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Not sure if you are at risk for diseases inherited through your family genes?

A genetics expert will evaluate your detailed family history to look for disease patterns that may be recurring and likely being passed through to you or your children due to family genetics.


This is the starting assessment for all of our genetic services and helps you understand whether you should be worried or can get tested. Even if you are not sure of all of your family history, we can look for patterns or key indicators and recommend testing if appropriate.

What You will get

We help patients in understanding all aspects of their Genetic risks. 

Expert Evaluation of Family History

A genetic expert evaluation of
your Personal and Family medical history.

A Personalized Genetics risk report

A personalized genetics risk report that will provide and explain your risk score for specific diseases based on your family genes.


Based on your family history and risk scores, your genetics expert will recommend next steps and any important genetic tests you or other family members could undertake. 

How it Works

Genexsure helps you understand your DNA and risk of inherited diseases in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Schedule a 30-45 mins appointment time,  your Genetic counselor will connect with you over zoom to conduct a pre-test evaluation.

Step 2
You will need to fill out a detailed privacy protected survey about your medical history and family history.
Step 3
Based on Steps 1 and 2 your GC expert may or may not recommend a genetic test.

How much does it cost


Fixed price for Genetic Counseling Appointments up to 45 mins
Appointment fees are HSA/FSA Eligible.


Charges for any lab Genetic Tests may be
eligible for Insurance reimbursement

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the information you need about our services by reading our F.A.Qs. Find out how we can help you make informed decisions about your health and minimize your Genetics Risks.

In general, about 5 to 10 percent of all cancers are hereditary. In families with hereditary cancer, a genetic mutation has been identified in family members that contributed to the development of certain cancers in the family.

The likelihood of a cancer being hereditary can vary by type of cancer. For example, about 15 to 20 percent of ovarian cancer is hereditary. Other cancer types, such as lung and skin cancers, have a lower likelihood of being hereditary and are more likely affected by environmental factors. So, this means even though some cancers are common in the family they may be a effect of shared environments among family members and not a genetic mutation.

Genetic conditions can be passed through a family in several ways. We have two copies of every gene because we inherit one copy from our mother and one copy from our father. In turn, one copy of each gene is passed on to a child. If one of the copies of the gene that is passed on to the child has a mutation, it increases the child’s risk for getting the inherited family condition. In some cases there may be mutations that have only superficial or no effects on the child but in other cases the mutations are more clearly understood and are of great risk. E.g. A well known mutation called BRCA1 and BRCA2 is known to significantly increase the risk of inherited cancers such as Breast or Ovarian cancer.

As a first step, you will be required to complete a thorough family history using our online questionnaire.

Next a genetic counselor will conduct a format assessment of your family history and assess your risk for any inherited diseases passed through your family genes. Your Family History and Genetic Risk evaluation report will also provide education about reducing your disease risk factors and information about hereditary syndromes and genetic testing. Genetic testing may be recommended for you based on the assessment by the Genetic counselor.

Our Testimonials

Genexsure has helped thousands of patients get personalized genetics tests and inherited disease risk assessments.

I worried about breast cancer for years. All of my aunts and grandmothers had it but my mother did not. I was worried whether I had it but was not sure. Genexsure helped me understand my genes, my risks and got me tested. Now I know what to do for myself and my daughters.Genexsure set my mind at ease. They were so fast and also kind and patient with my questions

I’m an active 45yr old man with a healthy lifestyle. But my father and 2 uncles died of sudden heart attacks at around the same age. I have always dreaded getting old and felt that I’m going to drop dead one-day before my boys grow up.Genexsure gave me my life back. I got tested and don’t have it but I will now get my brothers tested as well. This is a life saver and gave me confidence to dream of life beyond 50.

Thank you so much {genetics expert}. Speaking with you today was refreshing and helpful! Thank you for all the time you spent with us and for the resources. I look forward to getting in touch with others to learn more about this and to finding out ways to be proactive, as well as spreading awareness.

You were absolutely wonderful and had all the information about my concerns and questions. I appreciate you very much.

Since partnering with Genexsure I’ve had a higher success rate with screening families for inherited disease. In addition, they provide an accurate 3 generation pedigree that can be formalized in the electronic health record that serves as a roadmap for further discussions with my patients. (Cardiologist Partner)

    Understand your risk for inherited diseases based on your family genetics.

    We provide in-depth family history evaluation and risk assessment scores to help you understand your risk for specific inherited diseases.