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Genexsure helps minimize your Genetics Risks with personalized Genetic Care.

Genexsure helps you identify and reduce your risk for diseases such as breast cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, Cardiomyopathy  (HCM/DCM) and many more. 

By knowing your genetic risks you could become eligible for more proactive health screenings such as mammograms, MRI’s and for specialized treatment or active management of these disease risks for your children and families.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, we bring our licensed, board certified genetic counselors directly to you over the convenience of a zoom video or phone call.  Our services are fast, affordable and accurate. 


Rest assured, We are the genetic health-care experts who will guide you and your family through understanding your genes, testing for specific genetic conditions, and managing your risk for inherited diseases.

Our Services

We help patients with all aspects of knowing their genetic risks. 


We analyze your family medical history for genetic risks, order appropriate genetic tests for specific diseases and also help you understand what any detected genetic mutation can mean to you and/or your family.

Inherited Disease Risk Assessment

“I’m worried about this condition in my family. Are my children at risk for the same condition?”

Understand your risk for inherited diseases based on your family history. 

This is our most popular consultation with customers seeking a genetics consultation.

Genetic Testing

“ I think I have this condition and I want to get a genetic test for it”

A board-certified genetics expert can recommend and order the right test for you.

A genetic testing kit is shipped to your address and results are available in 7-10days with an analysis and recommendations report.

Genetic Consultation & Family Testing

“I got my genetic test results. I don’t understand what it means. Should I get my family members tested?”

This consultation is best for customers who may have already completed a previous test and are left short of many answers. 


We provide additional guidance for correct testing or result interpretation for you or your family members.

How it Works

Genexsure helps you understand your DNA and risk of inherited diseases in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Schedule an appointment with our genetics expert. You will be asked to fill out a detailed privacy protected intake form about your medical history and family history.

Step 2

At your scheduled appointment time,  your Genetics Expert will connect with you over zoom to perform a pre-test evaluation, provide a risk assessment and also provide genetic-testing recommendations

Step 3

Based on your history, disease concern, and our testing recommendations, your Genetics Expert can order the right genetic tests as needed . 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the information you need about our services by reading our F.A.Qs. Find out how we can help you make informed decisions about your health and minimize your Genetics Risks.

Each of us has millions of cells in our bodies. Inside each of those cells is our DNA, which is organized into genes. Our genes provide instructions for proteins to be formed and carry out different functions in our bodies such as to grow and regenerate cells for the different body parts and their functions. The DNA in our genes is made up of a code of four chemical bases and each gene has a specific order of these letters.

When there is a genetic mutation, the instructions in the genes is altered. This can prevent a gene from working properly either causing certain diseases or causing the abnormal and rapid growth of certain cells (e.g. in the case on cancerous tumors). In the case of cancer genes, if a genetic mutation is present, that person may have a higher chance of developing certain types of cancer throughout their life.

In general, about 5 to 10 percent of all cancers are hereditary. However, this percentage can vary for certain types of cancers. For example - 15-20% of Breast and Ovarian cancer is hereditary. As not all cancers or inherited diseases are caused by genes or genetic mutations, You should consult with a genetic counselor or genetic expert to help you make the assessment of whether Genetic testing is right for you.

In general, some indications that may suggest a possible hereditary risk of cancer in an individual or family include:

  • receiving a cancer diagnosis at a young age (usually age 50 for breast or colon cancer)
  • receiving a diagnosis of rare cancer at any age
  • having multiple people in a family diagnosed with the same or related cancers
  • having multiple primary cancer diagnoses in the same person
  • having cancer in both sides of a paired organ (for example, both breasts or both kidneys)
  • being of certain ethnic backgrounds
  • when individuals or families have had some type of genetic mutation identified through genetic testing by another doctor, hospital, or company

Genetic counselors are trained, licensed professionals with training in science of Genetics and in the fields of Pscychology and Counseling. Genetic Counselors help you make decisions about your genetic health. Genetic counseling can help you understand how genes affect you and your family’s health and how to manage or treat diseases based on genetic test results.

The number of diseases that are passed on through your genes is on the rise. However, family history of a disease does not always mean risk is high for everyone in the family. If you are concerned about your personal or family history, genetic testing may help you understand your individual risk factors and how others in your family may be affected.

Our Testimonials

Genexsure has helped thousands of patients get personalized genetics tests and inherited disease risk assessments.

I worried about breast cancer for years. All of my aunts and grandmothers had it but my mother did not. I was worried whether I had it but was not sure. Genexsure helped me understand my genes, my risks and got me tested. Now I know what to do for myself and my daughters.Genexsure set my mind at ease. They were so fast and also kind and patient with my questions

I’m an active 45yr old man with a healthy lifestyle. But my father and 2 uncles died of sudden heart attacks at around the same age. I have always dreaded getting old and felt that I’m going to drop dead one-day before my boys grow up.Genexsure gave me my life back. I got tested and don’t have it but I will now get my brothers tested as well. This is a life saver and gave me confidence to dream of life beyond 50.

Thank you so much {genetics expert}. Speaking with you today was refreshing and helpful! Thank you for all the time you spent with us and for the resources. I look forward to getting in touch with others to learn more about this and to finding out ways to be proactive, as well as spreading awareness.

You were absolutely wonderful and had all the information about my concerns and questions. I appreciate you very much.

Since partnering with Genexsure I’ve had a higher success rate with screening families for inherited disease. In addition, they provide an accurate 3 generation pedigree that can be formalized in the electronic health record that serves as a roadmap for further discussions with my patients. (Cardiologist Partner)

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